Terms of Use


In the case of the booking being cancelled during the rental period or with a no show the following rules apply (= Percentage of the amount of rental which is not refundable):

100% - No Show or earlier Check-Out
100% - Cancellation until 14 days prior to arrival
  50% - Cancellation until 15 – 60 days prior to arrival
  25% - Cancellation until 61 – 120 days prior to arrival
  10% - Earlier than 120 days prior to arrival

CHECK-IN Process

Irrespectively of the Holiday Home, the guest has booked with us, check-In is always at 14 Walloon Road, Constantia, 7806!

2:00pm (earliest) until 8h00pm (latest).

8:00am (earliest) until 11:00am (latest) 

Late Check-In or early Check-Out is generally possible but has to be pre-arranged, latest the day prior to arrival/departure! If a guest hasn't checked-in until 8h00pm and no special arrangement is in place, the booking is qualified as "no-show". If a guest hasn't checked-out until 11h00pm and no special arrangement is in place, the booking is extended by one day which is subject to a charge (50% daily rental)!   In case of emergency (accident, flight delay etc.) the guest must let us know the circumstances on phone and in writing (SMS, WhatsApp, Email) without delay.

Guest should arrange enough time for the "Check-In Procedure" we have to go through:
- Check-In Form filled in and signed by the person this booking has been made for and all guests as the holder of a key-set
- Copy of ID Card/Passport of the person this booking has been made AND for all staying guests
- Copy of Credit Card which was used for rental payment and ID Card / Passport of the cardholder
- Credit Card Confirmation signed by the credit card holder (!)
- Familiarization of guests with circumstances and specifics of our property and facilities (Check-In Form provided and all photocopies made by us!)
- If the booking has been made by a third party, e.g. agent, family member, secretary/assistant, a Copy of ID Card/Passport has to be provided in advance as an attachment to an email

We do not handover a key-set to guests without having got all of the above-mentioned documents signed and copied; no exceptions!